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New Year, new windows

Happy New Year from all of us at SashWise! We hope that you enjoyed the festivities with your friends and family. It doesn’t feel that long ago we were celebrating the Millennium and here we are in 2020. On reflection, it has been a fantastic decade, from Royal weddings, sporting achievements and a strong, positive…

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Are you winter ready?

It’s fair to say that the temperatures in the UK have certainly dipped over the past few weeks, which is crazy as it doesn’t feel that long ago we were in a heatwave. Unfortunately, the reality is that winter is coming, so we recommend you get prepared instead of getting caught cold. (Pardon the pun)…

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Get your home and windows summer ready

At SashWise, we are very aware of how the different seasons can affect your windows. There is always a lot of focus on what the winter will bring, such as draughts and rot. But the warm weather also brings different challenges to your windows and home. Keep reading to find out what these are and…

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Double sash windows looking out into a garden

Get your sash windows ready for summer this May with 10% off

It’s incredible how fast the first part of this year has gone. We are already in May, Easter has passed and everyone’s attention now shifts to summer. At SashWise we are excited about the warm weather coming. It’s nearly time to get the windows open and get the BBQ fired up. With all the visitors…

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Front of house

When you love the look of your windows…but they need some TLC

At SashWise we understand that beautiful windows contribute to making your property look great. This can become even more important to homeowners who have a historic property and wish to maintain periodic integrity. In the UK our windows are exposed to a variety of weather conditions, harsh rain, snow and sometimes scorching sun. As a…

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Close up shot of gold hardware on a window

Five reasons why you need hardwood double glazing

If you currently have single glazed windows in your home and are looking to make a change and improve your windows, then why not take advantage of our 10% off offer this March. If you have single glazed windows and are just curious about the benefits of double glazing for your home, then read on,…

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Sash Windows from Inside the home

Outside noise, say goodbye to the earplugs

Outside noise can be a huge pain to bare. It can be horrible coming in from a busy day and the noise is continuing to resonate in your home.  This can be due to a number of factors; it can be things such as living on a busy street where there is lots of traffic…

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Double sash windows looking out into a garden


At SashWise all of our windows are made from a timber called Accoya. It may be the first time you are hearing of this type of wood, so allow us to explain a little further. Sustainably sourced and Environmentally friendly  Created from sustainably-sourced wood, Accoya undergoes a non-toxic treatment process that permanently modifies the wood to the…

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Sash windows with shutters and a lamp

Sash Window Restoration

Here at SashWise we recognise that many people love their original sash windows and do not what to replace them. We offer a comprehensive, sympathetic sash window refurbishment service to ensure you can keep all of the original features and character of your period home. The sashes are removed and taken to our workshop where…

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SashWise beach logo

Preparing your house for summer!

Preparing your house for summer At Sashwise, we specialise in the restoration, repair and replacement of timber sash windows. We always provide a high-quality sash window installation and restoration process and also plantation shutter design and installations. As we are in the middle of summer we want to share with you our top 5 tips…

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