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Windows awaiting restoration

Heritage and Craftsmanship – The Art of Restoring Sash Windows

On a cold Monday morning, we entered an unassuming looking railway arch in Twickenham. When you step inside, you’ll find an Aladdin’s cave of sash windows of all shapes and sizes, all either awaiting restoration or fully restored to their original glory and awaiting reinstallation back into their original box frames. Even at this early…

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Close up shot of gold hardware on a window

What are the Different Types of Sash Windows?

There are several different types of sash window but they all have one thing in common – they all lend a feeling of class and elegance to a property. Sashes have a long and storied history. You can read more about the history of sash windows here. Today more than ever before, sashes are a…

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Double glazed sash windows, Teddington

All About Sash Windows

At SashWise we’re slightly obsessed with sash windows, having been in the business since 2006. We thought it was high time that we shared some of our knowledge, and we hope it helps you to decide what type of sash window services are right for you. What are sash windows? The word sash refers to…

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Government Green Scheme Grant – 6-Aug-2020

Update 6-Aug-2020 This is an update to our blog post released in July 2020. The government has announced further details on how the scheme will work, how home-owner’s can apply and who is eligible. The first vouchers for the scheme will be issued at the end of September and the scheme will run for six…

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Government Green Scheme Grant – What We Know

The Government have recently announced its plans for the Green Homes Grant and whilst we at Sashwise believe it’s a positive scheme, at present there is very little information about how the scheme will work and who will be eligible. There is uncertainty on how the scheme will move forward. The Department for Business, Energy…

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New Year, new windows

Happy New Year from all of us at SashWise! We hope that you enjoyed the festivities with your friends and family. It doesn’t feel that long ago we were celebrating the Millennium and here we are in 2020. On reflection, it has been a fantastic decade, from Royal weddings, sporting achievements and a strong, positive…

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Are You Winter Ready?

It’s fair to say that the temperatures in the UK have certainly dipped over the past few weeks, which is crazy as it doesn’t feel that long ago we were in a heatwave. Unfortunately, the reality is that winter is coming, so we recommend you get prepared instead of getting caught cold. (Pardon the pun)…

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Get your home and windows summer ready

At SashWise, we are very aware of how the different seasons can affect your windows. There is always a lot of focus on what the winter will bring, such as draughts and rot. But the warm weather also brings different challenges to your windows and home. Keep reading to find out what these are and…

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Double sash windows looking out into a garden

Get your sash windows ready for summer this May with 10% off

It’s incredible how fast the first part of this year has gone. We are already in May, Easter has passed and everyone’s attention now shifts to summer. At SashWise we are excited about the warm weather coming. It’s nearly time to get the windows open and get the BBQ fired up. With all the visitors…

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