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Are You Winter Ready?

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It’s fair to say that the temperatures in the UK have certainly dipped over the past few weeks, which is crazy as it doesn’t feel that long ago we were in a heatwave. Unfortunately, the reality is that winter is coming, so we recommend you get prepared instead of getting caught cold. (Pardon the pun)

Ask yourself the following question; are you winter ready?

When winter arrives, it forces some fresh challenges on our windows. It is predicted to be a harsh winter ahead with predictions of The Beast From The East Pt 2.  Sash windows that haven’t been prepared and treated correctly are directly exposed to the elements such as rain and frost. That then leads to the dreaded rot.

When it comes to strong, healthy windows, we are big fans of prevention rather than cure. Treating your windows ahead of time helps prevent problems from ever occurring.

If your windowsills are rotten, or if the glass is rattling and you are starting to feel a cold breeze, then that is a good sign that you need to take action.

Don’t worry if your windows need some TLC we have the perfect solution with a window restoration.

Window restoration: 

We can fully restore your original timber sash windows to their former glory. As well as fully draught-proofing the windows, we will get them working properly again. It’s the perfect solution to keep your home warm this winter and keep the cold weather out.

If you book before the 31st of October, you can save 10% and have your windows ready for Christmas.

If you are concerned about the winter ahead and the challenges, it will bring to your home then talk to us, and we can give you expert advice specific to your windows to get you ready for the winter ahead.