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New Hardwood Double Glazing

If you are looking to improve the thermal performance of your sash windows and reduce noise pollution then our workshop in West London can make double-glazed timber sashes to fit within your original box sash frame. This is a more cost effective and less disruptive process than replacing the whole of your sash window.

Our skilled craftsmen take great care to replicate the style and detail of your existing sashes so that they maintain the traditional character and architectural identity of your property. The thickness of the double glazed unit that is fitted depends upon the width of your existing sash box. In most cases a specialist 12mm ‘restoration unit’ is used that encompasses an inert gas within the unit and a pane of low-emissivity glass, which reflects heat back into the room.

All of our new timber double-glazed sashes are finished with a range of traditional sash furniture and installed with the added benefits of our specialist Draught-Proof System.