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Outside noise, say goodbye to the earplugs

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Outside noise can be a huge pain to bare. It can be horrible coming in from a busy day and the noise is continuing to resonate in your home.  This can be due to a number of factors; it can be things such as living on a busy street where there is lots of traffic or living near an industrial area. Regardless, silence is one thing most of us strive for in our homes. So at SashWise, we have a better solution, it’s time to say goodbye to the earplugs.

It starts with draught-proofing your existing sash windows

Our specially designed draught-proofing system not only reduces heat loss but can cut down noise pollution by up to 20%.

We can re-glaze your current sash windows with acoustic glass or fit new double-glazed sashes to within your existing sash boxes.

Installing a complete new sash window means we can increase the depth of the sash box. That then allows us to accommodate a thicker double-glazed unit into the sliding sash frames.  The thicker the unit the better the noise insulation.

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Double, triple and acoustic glazing

Each location and property comes with its own unique requirements. Some places are louder than others for different reasons.  For this, we can offer double, triple and acoustic glazing depending on the requirements of your property, which can diminish noise pollution by over 50%.

We will listen carefully to your requirements and provide our professional recommendation on what your property requires when we visit.

If outside noise disturbance is causing you problem’s, then contact us to discuss how we can help.

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