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Full Restoration

For those that want their windows restored to their former glory we offer a full restoration service. The sashes and sash boxes are sanded back and then painted using a special micro porous paint finish. As part of this service the sash windows are draught proofed.

Here is a brief overview of what is involved with our full restoration service.

Taking Apart The Window

First we take apart the window by removing the four inner staff beadings and lifting out the lower sliding sash. We then remove the two parting beads, and the upper sliding sash. It is at this stage that painted shut and jammed sashes are freed. The upper and lower sashes are then carefully transported to our workshop and the sash box frame is temporarily boarded up using security boards.

Preparing the Sashes

Back at our workshop in West London, which is ideally located to serve the areas of Barnes, Richmond and Twickenham through to Kingston, Teddington, Hampton Court and the Hamptons, the sashes are fully sanded back to their original timber. If there is any rot damage to the sashes this is repaired using a specialist resin and any chips, dents or imperfections to the surfaces of the sashes are filled.

We then carefully remove any old paint that is present on the glass, re-glaze any broken panes of glass and carry out any re-puttying as required. We also take every effort to cleanup and redefine the detail of the interior molding around the glass that has often been lost due to years of wear and tear, and build-up of paint.

It is at this stage that we fit the draught-proof carriers to both the upper and lower sash that holds the draught-proof brushes. Read about our draught-proofing process.

Why Do You Remove The Sashes?

There are a number of advantages to preparing and painting the sashes at our workshop, which we believe outweighs the temporary unsightliness and disruption of having the windows boarded up. These include:

  • Minimises the degree of sanding that has to occur within your home, thereby reducing the amount of dust that is generated.
  • Enables all parts of the sashes and sash frame to be thoroughly sanded.
  • Allows all of the surfaces of the sash box and sashes to be fully painted, this is not possible if the sashes remain in-situ.
  • We can produce a better finish to the paintwork.
  • It allows the paint to properly dry before the sashes are re-installed ensuring that once the process is complete the sashes will run smoothly.

It is rare that we would remove all of the sashes in one instance and tend to stagger the work so that the whole of your house is not boarded up. Please be assured that when we board up the window frames we ensure that they are secure from possible intruders, and that they provide an adequate protection against the elements and are sealed from possible draughts.

Painting the Sashes

Once the sashes have been fully prepared a wood primer is applied followed by two coats of exterior undercoat. The exterior surface is then painted using a micro porous exterior gloss paint that allows the timber to breathe, reducing the risk of rot and providing a greater degree of protection from the elements.

We then paint the interior surfaces of the sashes the finish of your choice. Typically we use a white Eggshell finish as this is most in keeping with the classic Victorian appearance, however we can match the finish to your existing paintwork.

Preparing the Sash Box Frame

In conjunction with the work to the sashes being carried out at our workshop we clean and prepare the sash box. The sash pocket covers are taken off and the sash weights are removed from the box. We sand back the sash box and vacuum out dust and rubble from the sash box voids. It is at this point that we fix any rot issues if found and can replace the timber sill should it be beyond repair. We then check and lubricate the pulleys, alternatively new brass pulleys can be fitted for that added finish.

Painting the Sash Box

We paint the whole of the sash box including any internal decorative woodwork, firstly with a primer and then two coats of an exterior undercoat. The exterior components of the sash box are then painted with a micro porous exterior gloss paint the internal surfaces are painted with your chosen finish to match the sashes.

Re-Fitting the Sashes

Once the painting of the sash box has been completed we wax the outer sash box cheek to assist in smooth running. We re-cord the sash box with the highest quality waxed-cotton sash cord and the sash weights and any additional balancing weights are re-attached.

The upper sash is attached to the upper cords and slid into place and new wooden parting beads are fitted. The lower sash is then attached to the lower cords and new staff beads are fitted to go around all four internal sides of the sash box, these hold the lower sash in place. Both the new parting and staff beads hold a hidden draught-proof carrier that holds a discreet weather-proof brush.

Finishing Touches

Once the sashes have been re-installed with the new draught-proofed beadings a final trim paint is applied. The exterior facing parting bead is painted with the micro porous gloss paint and your chosen finish paint is applied to the internal facing parting beads and staff beads.

We have a wide range of period and contemporary sash furniture and security locks that can be fitted to enhance the finish.

The refurbishment process is now complete and your sash window has been returned to its original beauty.