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Get your windows restored before Christmas and save 10%

Winter is coming. That means it is time to prepare for the cold weather! We can fully restore your original timber sash windows to their former glory. As well as fully draught-proofing the windows, we will get them working properly again. We will also completely and sympathetically restore the windows, so they look like new without losing any original features. Keep your home warm this winter and keep the cold weather out.

Offer expires 31st October.

What our customers say about us

“Dan’s work as usual is fantastic, this was the fourth time we have used Sashwise for both refurbishment and plantation shutters. We would be happy to recommend them again.”


Is a window restoration for you?

Do your windows look old and tired?
Do you want to keep the originals?
Are the windows or sills rotten?
Do your windows feel noisy and cold?
Do they rattle?
Do they need repairing?



Your windows will be sympathetically restored to their former glory.
They will look like new and they will open and close smoothly.
As part of this service the sash windows are fully draught-proofed.
The room will feel warmer.
Improved sound proofing as well as looking beautiful again.


How do we do it?

We take out the timber sashes and take them off-site to our workshop in Twickenham. At our workshop, we strip sashes back to wood, we rebuild the joints, the glass is cleaned and re-sealed into the frames, rot repairs are carried out, then the sashes are primed, undercoated and two finish coats are applied using paint from The Little Green Paint Company. 

On-site we restore the sash boxes by stripping back to wood, rot repairs are carried out, and new hardwood cills are installed. The boxes are then painted to finish coat. Once the sashes and sash boxes are restored, then the sashes are re-installed incorporating a draught-proofing system and new waxed cotton sash cords. Finally, new sash window furniture and locks are fitted. This process takes approx. one week. During this time the windows will be boarded up with security boards when we are not on site. For more detailed information on how we do it, click below.

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