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Get your home and windows summer ready

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At SashWise, we are very aware of how the different seasons can affect your windows. There is always a lot of focus on what the winter will bring, such as draughts and rot. But the warm weather also brings different challenges to your windows and home. Keep reading to find out what these are and the steps you can take.

Jammed or stuck windows

There’s nothing worse than having sash windows that won’t open during the hot weather. Over time sash windows can become stuck meaning that you can’t get them open or closed.  A window service from us will get your windows working how they should be. No more broken cords or jammed windows.

Double glazing means temperature control

You often hear about double glazing improving thermal performance in the cold months, but the same goes for when it is hot. Double glazing is a great way to control the inside temperature of your home in the warm months as it acts as a barrier, preventing heat from transferring from one side to another, resulting in a cooler home.

Don’t damage your furniture

During the summer months, powerful UV rays can enter into your home directly through the windows, causing fading and damage to your carpets and furniture. Double glazing can help prevent this from happening and acting as a substantial barrier to powerful UV rays.

Outside noise doesn’t have to be a problem

We have all experienced the neighbour’s BBQ or garden party that goes on late into the night, and that can create a lot of unwanted noise coming into your home. Double glazing is a great sound insulator and a great way to prevent noise from becoming a problem.

Peace of mind with a secure home

A single, central sash fastener often secures the sash windows of many homes in West London; unfortunately, this is not enough to provide ample security. With the holiday season coming up you will want to know that you are locking up and leaving your home as secure as it can be.  We can supply and fit a range of tried and tested products to make your sash windows safe and secure. Talk to us about sash stops and other security features that we offer.

It’s good to be prepared.

Unfortunately, summer won’t last forever. That means there is never a better time to be preparing your windows for the challenging winter months. If you have a draught or rot problem, then it is better to act now and be one step ahead.

Talk to us about how we can help you in the summer months or get your windows prepared for winter.