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What are the Different Types of Sash Windows?

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There are several different types of sash window but they all have one thing in common – they all lend a feeling of class and elegance to a property.

Sashes have a long and storied history. You can read more about the history of sash windows here. Today more than ever before, sashes are a favourite window solution. Especially here in South West London where SashWise is headquartered. That’s probably because there are so many period homes in this area. There are still thousands of original sash windows, although some have survived better than others!

We get many questions about sash windows so we thought we would share some knowledge and insight.

What is the difference between sash and casement windows?

The two main types of window seen in homes are sash and casement. They are completely different in terms of how they open. Casement windows are hinged – with the hinges being usually at the site but sometimes at the top. Casement windows can be single or come in pairs. The casement is the part of the window that opens (as opposed to the frame). Because of their simplicity and convenience, casement windows are the most popular form of opening windows.

British house with casement windows

British house with casement windows

Victorian house with sash windows

Victorian house with sash windows

Sash windows, on the other hand, have no hinges. Instead they are comprised of two or more panels (the sashes) which slide vertically one over the other. The sashes can slide in different ways. Most commonly, the bottom sash slides up over the top sash. Sometimes it’s the top sash which slide down. Or, in the case of double-hung sash windows, both the bottom and top sash can slide open.

What is a box sash window?

We covered the question of what a sash window is in our blog article. But we are often asked about some of the more technical terms involved. For example, you may have heard the term “box sash window”.

A box sash window is just another name for the tradition form of sash window controlled by a system of weights and cords. The weight and counterbalance mechanism is hidden from view by being built into a box at the sides of the window. Hence the name “box sash window” – now you know!

What is a double hung sash window?

Single hung or double hung? What’s the difference and why should you care? It all depends on where your sashes are going to be installed. With single hung sash windows, usually it’s the bottom sash that slides open. With a double hung sash window both sashes can open, giving you more ventilation choices.

What is a dummy sash window?

“Dummy” or “false” sashes have the same appearance as vertical sliding sashes but they are fixed in a closed position. So, neither the upper nor lower sash opens. They are often present in the sides of bay sash windows.

What is a flush sash window?

Flush sashes are designed so that the window sits flush within its frame instead. This gives the window a more sleek and modern look compared with the traditional sash look where one window sits forward of the other.

A sash window lock

A sash window lock

What is a window sash lock?

The lock of a sash window is an important component in terms of security and style. It’s the locking mechanism which locks the two sashes together from the inside. They come in many styles and materials and are an important finishing touch in your window project.

How do you clean sash windows?

Cleaning sash windows does not necessarily require employing a window cleaner although at SashWise we do recommend using one when you can as they have the materials and the knowhow to keep your sashes sparkling all year round. Don’t take risks by climbing up ladders to clean your above-ground windows – call in the professionals.

If you’re cleaning your own windows we recommend the approach of removing dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner first, then a solution of soapy water. You can also try vinegar mixed with water for a more traditional cleaning solution.

How to clean sash windows

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