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Why Choose SashWise?

Dan, the business owner and his team of highly skilled craftsmen offer a comprehensive and cost effective service.

Dan oversees all the jobs and is committed to delivering the best quality work using only the finest materials at a highly competitive price. SashWise has been established for 10 years and we rely heavily on the reputation that we have built up in the local area.


We have a long serving experienced team

All our team of skilled craftsmen’s have many years of experience, they are dedicated, reliable, and are committed to providing the best quality service to our customers. We do not employ any sub-contractors.


We take extreme care in our client’s homes

We are very diligent and conscientious when working in our client’s homes. Lots of clean dust-sheets are placed over the floors, furniture and stairs. We use vacuum-sanding machines that clean as they go.  At the end of each day dust sheets are removed, floors are vacuumed and tools are neatly stored. Throughout the job we dispose of any old materials and rubbish.


If we find rot we deal with it! 

Should we discover any rot to your windows whilst carrying out any of our services then we will never leave it. We will carry out any repairs as required to ensure that the rot issues are resolved.


We have a workshop in Twickenham

Unlike many other companies we offer a full restoration service whereby your original sash windows are stripped back to wood and painted inside and out.

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The sashes are removed and taken to our workshop in Twickenham where we have a dedicated craftsman who takes great pleasure in restoring the windows to their former glory. By carrying out the restoration process off-site in the workshop we are able to restore the windows to a much higher quality and it means much less disruption to our clients as the messy work is carried out off site. But don’t worry we do not leave a whole in your windows whilst this work is carried out, we carefully board-up the window openings ensuring that they are secure and weather proof.

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We match your original windows 

When replacing your windows we go to great lengths to ensure that the new windows match the originals, in terms of replicating section sizes, pane configuration, moulding and horn detail. Our double glazed units can be supplied with black, silver or white spacers.


We use the best draught-proofing system available

This system uses new wooden parting and staff beads with hidden draught-proof brushes. Many competitors use plastic parting beads, others use standard beadings and fit brushes to the edges of the sliding sashes themselves.

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These approaches are much cheaper in terms of materials, but far less effective as a draught-proof-seal, they are also more visually obtrusive and often resulting in difficult window operation. Our system ensures smooth operation and hidden brushes.

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We use the highest quality materials 

We use the best sash cord that is available, that has a traditional cream waxed cotton exterior around a very strong polyester core. This cord is many times stronger and more durable than standard sash cords and so will last many years longer.

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All paints used are micro-porous, external grade and low Volatile Organic Compounds, meaning they are more environmentally friendly. On internal surfaces we typically use an Eggshell paint from ‘The Little Green Paint Company’ which we have found to be the highest quality paint in both durability and finish.

Our new windows are made from either Sapele Hardwood or Accoya. Both of which have excellent durability and fungal resistance and are supplied from sustainable sources.

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We only charge 5% VAT on all draught proofing work

Under current government rules to reduce carbon emissions our draught-proofing service is charged at a reduced VAT rate of 5%.