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Five reasons why you need hardwood double glazing

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If you currently have single glazed windows in your home and are looking to make a change and improve your windows, then why not take advantage of our 10% off offer this March.

If you have single glazed windows and are just curious about the benefits of double glazing for your home, then read on, and we will explain more.


The benefits of our hardwood double glazing

Single glazing can cause many issues that can range from mildly annoying, all the way through to problems that cost you money.

Read on to find out our top five reasons why you need hardwood double glazing in your home.


1. Problem – Heat loss

Do you ever find in the colder months that you are turning up the heating to no avail? There’s a good chance that your windows may be the issue. Heat is looking for a way to escape, and your single glazed windows will be the first place it seems to go.

The SashWise solution: Adding double glazing to your home provides a double layer of insulation that is designed to improve thermal performance.  Our quality workmanship ensures that windows are fitted firmly and sealed how they should be.


2. Problem – Condensation

Yes, condensation is only a mild annoyance, but it does give your house a sad, tired look. It also makes it difficult to look out of your windows to enjoy a view or let the light in when you need it the most.

The SashWise solution: Adding a double layer of glass to your home and creates an essential gap between the outside and indoor temperature. Reducing the chance of condensation.


3.Problem – Rattling windows

There is nothing more annoying than the constant rattling of single glazed windows. Every time the wind blows or a truck with a heavy engine drives up your street; it leaves you feeling like you are experiencing a mild earthquake.

The SashWise solution: Professionally fitted windows that sit snugly in their bespoke sash boxes will prevent rattling windows from being a pain point in your life.


4. Problem: Sound disturbance

We live in a world now where life goes on 24/7 and in the crucial hours where we need silence, we can often be disturbed by outside noise. Disturbance can occur even more in densely populated areas such as cities or busy towns.

The SashWise Solution: By adding double glazing to your home, you will experience a far higher standard of silence. Double glazing acts as an excellent insulator towards outside noise. Allowing you to enjoy the quiet that you deserve.


5. Problem: Security

Single glazed windows are easier to break that a double layer of glass. However, what we often find is that with old windows the hardware on the box itself is often old and worn, offering a simple entrance to potential burglars.

The SashWise Solution: Take no chances! While we can’t guarantee a burglar won’t get into your home. We do advise that you take every possible action to deter them. When we fit your new hardwood double glazing, we always finish off with new window hardware, ensuring your windows are as secure as possible.


Final advice

Double glazing is far more than just improving the aesthetics of your home. Adding double glazing can significantly improve the quality of your life, not only that, it can save you hundreds of pounds on energy bills in the long run.

If the problems we have pointed out sounds all too familiar to you, then contact us to get started or find out more about our double glazing range.