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Government Green Scheme Grant – What We Know

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The Government have recently announced its plans for the Green Homes Grant and whilst we at Sashwise believe it’s a positive scheme, at present there is very little information about how the scheme will work and who will be eligible.

There is uncertainty on how the scheme will move forward. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) are suggesting it may be some time before we have the answer.

This blog is designed to help you separate fact from fiction while sharing as much as we know about the scheme to date.

What is the Green Homes Grant Scheme?

The Green Homes Grant was announced by chancellor Rishi Sunak in the Summer Statement on 8/7/20 in a bid to create green jobs in the building and construction sector.

Homeowners and landlords will be able to apply for vouchers from September that will cover at least two-thirds of the cost of updating their property, up to £5,000 per household.

For low income households, Mr Sunak said the government will “go even further” with vouchers covering the full cost, up to £10,000.

How will the scheme work?

Green Homes Grant will be provided in the form of vouchers which can be used towards making energy-efficient improvements to homes.

To obtain a voucher, homeowners will have to make an online application for recommended energy efficiency measures, with details forwarded to accredited local suppliers. Homeowners and landlords will be eligible.

This will be administered through

Will double glazing and window installation be eligible for Green Scheme vouchers?

It has been widely reported in the media that homeowners will be able to spend vouchers on a myriad of improvements, including:

  • Loft and floor insulation
  • New, more efficient boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • And energy efficient windows and doors

This is what has prompted some owners to delay home improvements until the scheme comes into effect.

What we have been told is that the scheme will ‘tier’ energy efficient improvements, prioritising those that deliver the ‘biggest bang for their buck’, for example loft insulation first.

This means that double glazing windows could be included in the scheme, but as part of a wider refurbishment of homes aimed at achieving EPC Level C. The aim of the scheme is to significantly improve energy and heat efficiency, which can only be achieved by a number of measures.’

Our conclusions

  1. If a property has an EPC [Energy Performance Certificate] of Level C or above, it is unlikely to qualify for the Green Homes Grant.
  2. Where a property qualifies, windows and doors will only be included as part of a package of measures – not in isolation. This means that grants of up to £5,000 exclusively for the new windows and doors WILL NOT be available, only as part of a package
  3. This infers that windows and doors will have secondary – not primary status within the scheme

Once the scheme has been launched, we understand that Sashwise will automatically become an approved installer via FENSA.  FENSA is the governing body for new window installations.  Sashwise has been a longstanding FENSA registered window installer.  At present there are no details about when this will happen.

We will continue to update you as soon as further information becomes available.