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Preparing your home for Spring.

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At Sashwise we’re experts in the restoration, repair and replacement of timber sash windows. Whilst we provide a high quality sash window installation and restoration process, as well as plantation shutter design and installations (find out more about the services we offer here), we are also keen enthusiasts on home life in general.  Considering this, we would like to share our top 5 tips when preparing your home for the Spring and Summer months.

image-11. Get those stiff and stuck sashes sorted! Air flow in the house is important when the weather starts to get a little more stuffy; And hey, who doesn’t love fresh air and the smell of newly cut grass flowing through the house on a Sunday morning. Stiff sashes are a common issue and we can help get them fixed for you in no time.

2. Test the fire alarm. We all want to get out the house and enjoy the sun, and whilst out and about, it’s important to ensure you’re warning your neighbours if the worst-case scenario is to happen. Of course, it’s very unlikely, but for a 30 second job, just do it!

3. Get cleaning those gutters. All the left-over leaves and slog from the winter, will still be hanging about, so a good clean out can be needed to avoid unnecessary blockages.

4. Explore getting plantation shutters. That low sun is going to cause big glare in certain parts of the house and whilst it’s important to keep that natural light coming in, you don’t want it too overbearing, especially as it gets warmer. Our shutter service offers a fantastic solution for this, whilst giving your home a fresh, light and airy feel. Check out our Plantation Shutters page here.

5. Spring clean. It may sound cliché, but nothing gives you a better feeling than a good spring clean and clear out. It’s honestly a fantastic feeling and well worth the effort.

Of course there’s so much to be done, but why not give these tips a go and get your home ready for Spring. And whilst you’re at it, please head over to our social media pages and drop us a LIKE or a follow for more on all thing Sashwise.

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