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Sash Window Restoration

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Here at SashWise we recognise that many people love their original sash windows and do not what to replace them. We offer a comprehensive, sympathetic sash window refurbishment service to ensure you can keep all of the original features and character of your period home.

The sashes are removed and taken to our workshop where they are stripped back to wood.  The glass is cleaned and re-sealed to within the frames and the original joints are strengthened. The sashes are painted inside and out, using paint from “The Little Green Paint Company” as the finish coat.  Whilst this process is being carried out in our workshop in Twickenham we restore the original sash boxes in-situ. Don’t worry, you are not left with a gapping whole why the work is undertaken, we fit security boards in place of the sashes.

Once the paint has had time to dry, the sashes are reinstated.  The window is draught-proofed and new sash window furniture and locks are fitted.

Now that the long winter is over and the sun has started to shine it may be time to think about giving your sash windows the love and attention that they deserve.