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Tips on keeping your home warm in the winter months.

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The Winter months can be cold and unforgiving – it can be difficult to find a balance between keeping warm and shelling out fortunes for the privilege.

With Christmas and New Year invading your bank balance in the same way that the frost has taken over our streets it’s important to consider ways in how to keep your home warm during the winter in a cost-effective way.


Re-positioning your furniture could freshen up your home with a new look while also improving your energy-efficiency. If your sofa is in front of your radiator then you may be wasting money heating something that doesn’t need to be heated.

Draft-proofing is another excellent way to stop you from freezing over – buy draft excluder strips from your local DIY store to fill gaps underneath doors that don’t shut properly. For windows, make sure that they are properly draft-proofed as this is where you will lose the most heat.

You could be burning money if you have an unused open fireplace. Invest in having it capped which is the more expensive option, or pick up a chimney balloon and reap the rewards when you get your next bill.

One of the best tips for preventing heat loss is shutting your curtains. If you really want to take it to the next level then invest in a thermal lining for them and reduce your heat loss by up to 25%!

Got any tips yourself which you’ve learnt over the year, please do share with us in the comments, we’d love to hear them. And of course, stay warm everybody!

Happy New Year from the entire team here at SashWise.