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New Hardwood Sash Boxes

If you wish to re-instate traditional sash windows into your property, whether they are beyond repair or have been replaced with non timber or casement windows. We can supply and fit new hardwood sash boxes complete with double glazed sash windows that replicate the originals.


Is this for you?

Have your timber sash windows been replaced with UPVC or or aluminum casement windows?
Do you want to re-instate the original features?
Are your timber sash windows and frames beyond repair?



A double glazed sash will provide improved thermal performance, will retain heat and reduce noise levels
Our new sash windows will replicate the original window keeping the character and architectural identity of your property
By installing a new sash window where they have been previously replaced you are reinstating the original character features to your home improving both the aesthetic look of the property and its market value.
With a new sash window we can increase the depth of our sash boxes to allow us to accommodate a thinker double glazed unit, triple glazing or combining acoustic glass to within a double glazed unit
By installing a new sash window you have the peace of the mind that all of the joinery is new, spray finished, completely draught-proofed and meets current building regulations


How do we do it?

The old sash windows are carefully removed and the window openings are cleaned and prepared. We install the new sash boxes complete with draught-proofed double glazed sashes. We point the external surround of the new box and fit new internal architrave and bullnose cill. Finally we make good any plaster work that has been disturbed.  All our new sashes are fitted with new security locks and window furniture.  For more information on how we do it, click below.

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New Hardwood Double Glazing

Here at SashWise we can make new double glazed hardwood timber sash windows to fit within your original box sash frame.

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