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New Hardwood Sash Boxes

Unfortunately over the years many period properties have had their original features removed. The traditional sash windows that form an integral characteristic of the property have been replaced with UPVC or aluminium casement windows.

Should you wish to reinstate these architectural features, or if your original sash windows are beyond repair then we can supply and fit new timber sash boxes complete with double glazed sashes.

All of our new sash windows, including both the sash box and the sliding sashes are made from hardwood. Typically Sapele which is extremely durable yet lightweight, making it an ideal material for the construction of windows. We also ensure that the timber we use is supplied from sustainable sources.

The new sashes can be produced in a range of styles to best replicate those reminiscent of the period when your property was constructed. When replacing original sash windows we will ensure that the detail moulding and profile of the new sashes sympathetically matches that of the original.

The new sash box and sashes are spray painted in the workshop using a micro-porous paint that provides a smooth durable surface whilst at the same time allowing the timber to breathe. The sashes are glazed with high performance double glazed units and a thermal efficiency that exceeds the current building regulation requirements. We can also produce new double glazed sashes that hold a slim line unit that satisfy the needs of all local Building Control, Planners and Conservation Officers.

All of our new sash windows are supplied with a complete set of sash furniture and security locks. These are available in a wide range of period and contemporary styles and finishes so we are able to match them to any existing ironmongery that you may have.

Our skilled craftsmen take great care when removing the existing windows to minimise the disruption to the surrounding decoration. Once the window opening has been cleaned and prepped the new sash box is wedged and foamed in place. The gap between the exterior of the new sash box and the brickwork is pointed using a cement filet.

New lead sash weights are inserted into the box and the new sashes are hung using the highest quality waxed-cotton sash cord. The new parting and staff beads hold a hidden draught-proof carrier that holds a discreet weather-proof brush. The same brush is also inserted into the new upper and lower sash ensuring that any drafts are eliminated when the window is closed. Read more about our Draught-Proofing process.

Any plasterwork surrounding the new sash box that has been disturbed during the installation process is made good. New decorative architrave and a bull-nose sill are fitted to the interior of the sash box to complete the window.