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Sash Window Rot Repair and Security

We can repair rot problems to sash boxes, window sills and sash frames. We also provide a wide range of window furniture and locks to ensure your sash windows are safe and secure. These services form part of our primary services which are detailed at the bottom of this page and not as a standalone repair.


Rot repair

We resolve minor rot problems by cutting back any rotten timber until only good wood remains. A wood preserver is applied, and then a specialist two-part epoxy resin is used to construct a hard-wearing repair. 

If more extensive rot damage is present new timber can be spliced into the box or sill to match the original design and provide an unobtrusive repair. If necessary, we can replace the whole window sill. 

If your sliding sash is beyond repair, then we can produce and fit a replacement timber sash. This will match any detail moulding or profile to replicate the original window. All our timber is from sustainable sources and treated with a wood preserver. 



A single, central sash fastener often secures the sash windows of many homes in West London. Both leading insurance firms and the Metropolitan police acknowledge that these fasteners on their own cannot be relied upon to provide adequate security against illegal entry.  

We can supply and fit a range of tried and tested products to make your sash windows safe and secure. Your sash windows will remain fully functional and not detracting from the authentic charm of your property. 

Sash stops are durable and convenient to use. A key-operated lock will secure sliding sashes in the closed or slightly open position to provide ventilation, while at the same time providing security from intruders and preventing small children from climbing or falling out of the window. 

In addition to locks, we can fit a range of high-quality sash furniture that will complement your windows. As with all of our period fittings, these can be supplied in a range of finishes to complement your existing window. 

Our other services

Servicing and draught-proofing

If your sash window are jammed, or the cords are broken, this service will get them working smoothly again        

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Full restoration

We will completely and sympathetically restore the windows, so they will look like new without losing any original features.

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New hardwood double glazing

Here at SashWise we can make new double glazed hardwood timber sash windows to fit within your original box sash frame.

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New hardwood sash boxes

We can supply and fit new hardwood sash boxes complete with double glazed sash windows that replicate the originals.

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