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Servicing and draught-proofing

If your sash windows are jammed, or the cords are broken, then a service and draught proofing from us will get them working smoothly again. It will eliminate draughts, rattles, save heat, energy, money and will improve sound-proofing


Is this for you?

Are your windows cold and draughty?
Do they rattle?
Have you got a broken cord?
Are they noisy?
Is it hard to open and close them?
Are they jammed shut?



Your windows will no longer rattle and feel draughty.
Our draught-proofing system will eliminate all the draughts
The room will feel warmer and will have improved sound-proofing.
Your windows will open and close smoothly without getting stuck
Your windows will stay open without falling down


How do we do it?

We remove the sashes; then we can clean the sash box. We check that the sashes fit squarely within the sash box and re-shape the sashes if required. We repair any rot and replace any missing putty. Next, we install a new top of the range draught-proofing system, re-balance the sashes using additional lead if required and re-fit the sashes using a highquality waxed cotton cord. For more detailed information on how we do it, click below 

Find out more about our Draught-Proofing process or contact us for a no obligation chat

Our other services

Full restoration

We will completely and sympathetically restore the windows, so they will look like new without losing any original features.

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New hardwood double glazing

Here at SashWise we can make new double glazed hardwood timber sash windows to fit within your original box sash frame.

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New hardwood sash boxes

We can supply and fit new hardwood sash boxes complete with double glazed sash windows that replicate the originals.

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